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Info box for the program

You can update metigo® MAP via the info box.

Note Note: The update always only takes place for the program version that you are currently using. I.e. if you use metigo® MAP, metigo® MAP will be updated and not metigo® MAP MAINTENANCE CONTRACT, vice versa.

To open this dialogue window, go to Help> info ... in the menue.

  • At the first line of the window you will find information about the software version currently installed on your computer and whether a newer version is available.
  • To the right of this you can download the latest program version using the Update button and double-click to install on the downloaded file.
    Note Note: Please remember the folder in which you downloaded the file.
  • The third red line gives information about the licensee and the end of the current activation period.

The text field below provides information about

  • Contributors - everyone involved in software development.
  • Links refer to our website and email for software support.
    Here you can also download the free viewer, which you can pass on to your project partners so that they can, even if they do not have a licence of metigo® MAP, view your mappings and take control measurements.
  • Libraries/software used in software development.
  • Cooperation partners in the field of software development: Here are some customers (restorers) who are particularly involved in software development.