Graphical User Interface

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Via the graphical user interface (GUI) you can interact with the software.

General Structure of the GUI

The areas of the GUI. Kommentare sind nur von angemeldeten Nutzern sichtbar

The GUI of the metigo® product line, except that of metigo® SIGN, consists of eight different areas:

  1. The title bar, the top of the window frame, briefs you about the product. Here you find the following information:
    • the product, you are using;
    • your license type,
    • the expire date of your license,
    • the project name,
    • the logged user,
    • the path where the project is saved.
  2. Below the title bar you find the menu bar for selecting all functions. Its structure depends on the software you are using.
  3. Below the menu bar is the symbol bar that gives direct access to the most important functions and includes drop-down-lists for group and class selection, which enables fast access to the individual classes and groups (recommended for tablet PCs as substitute for the navigation via the project window).
  4. At the very bottom you find the status bar with varied information depending on your product.
  5. The largest part of the user interface is covered by the evaluation window. Its contents varies depending on the software and the tree selected below 8.:
    • at metigo MAP either the mapping, the image to be rectified or the selected data sheet is displayed;
    • in the hierarchy area of metigo® MAP the navigation map is shown;
    • at the viewer of metigo® MAP either the mapping or the selected data field can be viewed;
    • at metigo® 3D the evaluation window contains windows of image orientation, stereo window and 3D window.
  6. Left to it are toolbars that contain all the selection, drawing, modifying and many other tools. The available bars vary depending on the product you are using.
  7. On the far right of the user interface is the tool window with variable contents depending on the selected tool.
  8. On the far left of the user interface you find registers with several trees to access the different parts of the software.
metigo® MAP metigo® MAP Hierarchy metigo® MAP VIEW metigo® 3D

Data Sheets.

Object Hierarchy.

Data Sheets.


Note Note: You can move the elements of the graphical user interface on the display. Using two screens by example you can move the tree window, tool window and tool bars onto the other screen to receive an area as large as possible for mapping. Selecting the menu View > Restore View Settings you can reset the view to the initial.

Note Note: Some of the features accessible via the individual bars differ slightly between the individual products. Features and functions are greyed out if they can not be used or are not available with the licence or edition you are using.
You can access their description via the listings below.

metigo® MAP

metigo® MAP is aimed to geomatic nonspecialists. It main objectives is to equip the user with easily operable tools, to

  • rectify images by removing the central perspective on the projection planes,
  • superimpose rectified images taken with different acquisition techniques (VIS, sided light, IR, UV, Uv-fluorecense, X-ray etc.) and at various stages of the project,
  • map findings on a single image or on the superimposed image series,
  • provide the geometries of the mapping with attributes,
  • intersect and analyse the geometries and their attributes.

The GUI of metigo MAP includes the following bars:

metigo® MAP, Hierarchy section

The hierarchy section of metigo® MAP helps you to organise and structure large projects within a hierarchy. Classes and their attributes can be analysed across several individual mapping projects using the hierarchy.

metigo® MAP VIEW

metigo MAP View mainly acts as a viewer to be delivered with your mappings to clients and other contacts which do not have access to a metigo MAP license. Therefore, the functionality is reduced to pure viewing and control measuring options. Modifications can not be saved. Printing isn't possible.

metigo® 3D

metigo® 3D is designed for geomatic specialists, it provides them with tools for camera calibration, photogrammetric orientation, automatic point cloud matching and generation of digital surface models (DSM). Based on these digital ortho-projections on planes and cylinder barrels are created.