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Documentations from various sources in metigo® MAP is used as the basis for mapping. These are true-to-scale documentations on which is mapped. The true-to-scale maps are prerequisites for quantity determination and analysis. You can find the possible options under the Mapping basis node in the Project tree:

  • Image Layers: Corrected images are used as the basis for mapping if their scale and their image resolution are known and if they are saved in a common image format (TIFF, JPG, PNG, etc.). Rectification and Montage can be created directly in metigo® MAP or taken from other sources. Orthogonal projections of point clouds or surface models can also be used. <!- The spatial and true-to-scale information of the images should either be available as a USP or TFW file, but can also be created afterwards in metigo® MAP. ->
  • Drawings: CAD drawings (DXF, DWG) can either be imported as a basis for mapping. Individual CAD layers can be converted into mapping classes directly during import or subsequently. If the CAD drawings are not to scale, they can be scaled during import.
  • 3D models: Point clouds can be imported from the laser scanner (E57, PTS, XYZ) and digital surface models meshed with triangles (VRML, STL, OBJ). The DOMs can optionally be provided with a texture. They are used as the basis for 3D mapping. If the 3D models are not to scale, they can be scaled during import.
* Model Views: If a 3D model (DEM or point cloud) has already been imported as a basis for mapping, you can create orthogonal projections from it as model views.


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