Training courses - information

Information on metigo MAP software training

We offer a basic course for our mapping software metigoMAP. Please, see below for an agenda.
Please, apply one week in advance to our scheduled training courses.

Costs and Technical Requirements

Currently, we charge each participant 230.00 EUR plus VAT per day for scheduled training in our office. This daily rate will be reduced for courses with more than 5 participants. The appointment needs to be done up to one week before the training course. Requirement for the processing of the training is the appointment of at least 3 participants.
Students and trainees pay a reduced rate of 50.00 EUR plus VAT.

During training, a free license of metigo MAP is provided for all participants.

Arriving between 4 to 6 pm the evening before the course, you have the option to record the calibration wall (4m x 2.70m) in our office with your own camera. This enables you to calculate your camera-specific correction parameters for the distortion of your lens.

Please, do not hesitate to ask for training in your own premises. Our current daily rate for in-house training is 750.00 EUR plus VAT, plus travel expenses (travel / accommodation).We will create a customised offer for you. We will provide you with additional educational licences 2-4 weeks in advance of in-house training. These will enable the participants to prepare and challenge their specific needs. The training is conducted with selected examples, these will be provided to all participants.
Download and installation of the mapping software and training examples should be performed before the training. Each participant will be provided with the appropriate links via email.

The training takes place at the student's notebook.
Technical requirements: MS Windows (Win 7 or higher), HD-resolution 1920x1280, 4 GB RAM, 10 GByte free hard disk space.
Charges will be reviewed at the beginning of each year and fokus GmbH Leipzig reserves the right to increase them in line with inflation.

Basic course: Digital mapping with metigo MAP

1.Part:- true to scale image rectification (using geometry), image montage and view planning
2.Part:- creation of a mapping projects (mapping classes, mapping groups, legends)
 - layout (paper space, frame, title blocks)
3.Part: - drawing tools (area-/ line mapping, vector signatures)
 - area tools (CAD magic wand, cutting tools)
 - data fields, quantity survey and export
4.Part: - labeling, measurements, detail images
 - output (print, image export)