Training courses - schedule


training courses metigo MAP - basic course - in the office of fokus GmbH Leipzig

Friday, 04.01.19 (Leipzig)
Friday, 01.02.19 (Leipzig)
Friday, 08.03.19 (Leipzig)
Friday, 05.04.19 (Leipzig)
Friday, 03.05.19 (Leipzig)
Friday, 07.06.19 (Leipzig)

Friday, 06.09.19 (Leipzig)
Friday, 11.10.19 (Leipzig)
Friday, 15.11.19 (Leipzig)
Friday, 06.12.19 (Leipzig)

training courses metigo MAP - basic course - at your office

We look forward to visit your premises for in-house training. Participations by third parties is subject to the approval by the organiser.


training metigo MAP

Stuttgart, Germany
Further information are available on request!


training courses metigo MAP

Wednesday before SKR Annual Meeting,
Lugano, Switzerland, more information available on request!