metigo 3D

inventory, documentation, building design

metigo 3D is a release of the metigo product line that is developed and used by fokus GmbH Leipzig for several years. An evidence for the power of this software are the several documentation projects conducted by fokus GmbH Leipzig.
The products produced by metigo 3D have a very accurate geometry combined with high photographic quality.
metigo 3D is the right software solution for documentation in heritage conservation for true-to-scale parametric image rectification, unwrapping of curved surfaces and digital orthophoto projections based on digital surface models.

Digital Unwrapping

After creating a project with the software scale and accuracy of the evaluation are set and the images are uploaded. Linking the images to the correponding calibrated camera, the interior orientation is calculated for each image.
Using object coordinates the photogrammetric orientation of the images is calculated by spatial resectioning.

Photogrammetric Orientation

Based on the measured ground plans or section profiles parameters for unwrapping are calculated. Planes, cylinders and ground grofiles are supported therefor.
On the base of orientated images and parameters for unwrapping the calculation of the partial image plans is done with a user defined scale and resolution.

Cylinder Unwrapping

The result is a true to scale 2D-image plan (TIF-format). For image montage we recommend dimensioning and labeling in the mapping software metigo MAP with integrated interface for direct delivery as multi-layered TIF-file.
The radiometric processing of the images (color adjustment, brightness and contrast, sharpness) is expediently in a suitable image processing software.

3D-Object Documentation

Photogrammetric Orientation

By automated detection of control points (identical point at the object) the images are analysed and stereo models are created. The relative orientation is calculated with these control points.
By using object coordinates or a distance at the object or between the cameras, the absolute orientation is calculated.

Automated Pointcloud Matching

Identical image points are detected by an expansion algorithm and 3D coordinates are calculated. The 3D object surface is "scanned" in the image pair.
The point distance at the object and the treshold for point filtering are defined by the user.
The partial pointclouds of the used image image pairs are merged with the help of an ICP-algorithm. Large projects can be processed efficiently by using batch processing.

Generation of digital Surface Models

Digital surface models are created out of the pointclouds with a triangulation algorithm. In a second step the image texture of the stereo model are mapped on the surface model. Thus a true to original three dimensional object documentation is possible with photographic quality.
The data can be exported to STL- and VRML-file.

Digitale Orthoprojektion und Abwicklung

For projection of the images onto a plane or an unwrapping geometry user coordinate systems can be defined or balancing planes can be calculated on the base of selected points. Sectional profiles can be extracted and generalised from the existing pointclouds or digital surface models.
On the base of the orientated images, the sectional profiles and the surface model the ortho projection is done onto the projection geometry in user defined image scale and resolution.
The result is a true to scale 2D-image plan(TIF).