Links - Education with metigo® MAP

We offer universities and training places network licences of metigo MAP to reduced conditions for uncommercial use in the scope of education.

We offer students metigo MAP for dissertation and student research projects with the according certification as well as internships for uncommercial processing of projects. They can use the software for the needed period of time of the work (bachelor 3 months, master 5 months) and pay 100,-€ (net) for it - plus shipping costs.
In return we thank for a digital exemplar of the work.
According to your requirements, we offer training as daily workshops at your educational institution.
The educational institutions listed below apply metigo® MAP for project work or support the use of metigo® MAP in education.

universities in Germany

universities international

education for craftsman

  • Wunsiedel
  •  Europäisches Fortbildungszentrum für das Steinmetz- und Steinbildhauerhandwerk
  • Görlitz
  •  Fortbildungszentrum für Handwerk und Denkmalpflege e.V.
  • Koblenz
  •  Handwerkskammer, Zentrum für Restaurierung und Denkmalpflege
  • Berlin
  •  Jugendbauhütte Brandenburg
  • Meißen
  •  Hahnemannzentrum e.V. Klosterruine "Zum Heiligen Kreuz"