Fokus GmbH Leipzig is a land surveying company which has provided specialised services in architectural photogrammetry, deformation survey for buildings, digital image processing and software development since 1993.

The main emphasis of our work is the complex surveying support for the documentation of monuments and outstanding refurbishments. Our expertise assists architects and planners, but also conservators, building historians and heritage consultants.

The use and continuing development of our software as well as the comprehensive experience of our staff enable us to meet the various requirements of different objects and our customers' specific requests.

fokus GmbH Leipzig


review conference "3D - DURCHBLICK ODER DATENMÜLL?"
(01.03. - 03.03.2018)

We thank all the participants of our workshop.
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Brandenburg/Havel, Dome St. Peter und Paul

Photogrammetric documentation of south facade of cross vault by digital rectified and mounted image plans in scale 1:20 with resolution of 400 dpi.
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review HPI International 2017 in Shanghai, P.R. China
(10.08. - 12.08.2017)

We thank all the visitors of our stand at Heritage Preservation International 2017 in Shanghai.
» Impression of fair

Großingersheim, church St. Martin

Photogrammetric documentation of wall by digital rectified and mounted image plans in scale 1:5 with resolution of 400 dpi.
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review denkmal 2016 in Leipzig
(10.11. - 12.11.2016)

We thank all the co-exhibitors and visitors of the joint stand documentation for a successful fair denkmal 2016.
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